Adobe Shockwave player 2018 Download - Full Version

Shockwave player 2018 free download is a completely free plugin and is capable of playing any multimedia content within your favorite web browser.

What is the use of Shockwave player?
Shockwave player serves 2018, fundamentally, to enjoy the most interactive, advanced and spectacular web content, in addition to all types of multimedia content such as interactive games, 3D animations, presentations, training applications, movies, music videos, etc. it's perfectly integrates with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit). Information about its compatibility with MAC and Linux is not offered.

This version of the Shockwave player download program includes the following features:
compatible with most web browsers (Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, Safari,), and its very easy to install.
Adobe Shockwave player logo

- Very stable, hardly gives problems, and supported by most operating systems
- Has direct access to pixel in bitmap images, support different chat protocols
- It stands out for offering a powerful 3D hardware acceleration engine that incorporates and can not be missing in any web browser if the user wants to access online games.
- Has different filtering modes for layer compositions of graphics.
- It is the ideal complement to access all types of multimedia presentations on the web.
- Is considered the perfect complement to play multimedia content in 3D Flash also plays live concerts through from the network of your favorite artists and enjoy as if you were sitting in front of them but from your home
- Playing interactive movies made with Flash or Macromedia Director

In constant evolution Shockwave player 2018 latest version presents a very simple interface.

Conclusion: Shockwave player is, therefore, the easiest and most effective solution to play all kinds of games and animations in three dimensions within your favorite web browser, therefore, Shockwave 2018 has the following

Requirements: it requires a properly configured Internet connection for its installation, in addition, a 600 MHz or higher of CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 32 MB of video.

Adobe Shockwave player

Its installation is simple, according to the browser installed the process can be virtually automatic - case of Mozilla Firefox . After its installation it is practically hidden from the user and only comes into the scene when accessing pages that use compatible content.The great amount of games created to be used with Shockwave, makes clear, if you want to play games on the internet, you will have to install Shockwave Player  2018.

Adobe Shockwave player offline installer is not available.

(require internet connection)
Skype 2018 Free Calls and Chat
iTunes 2018 Latest Version

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Adobe Reader 2018 Free Download - Best PDF Reader

Adobe Reader 2018 free download is a tool for viewing documents stored in PDF format, offers all the important features to read PDF files comfortably. these include an integrated zoom function, a sidebar with a table of contents, various views and a history. Also included are plug-ins for all major browsers.

Adobe Reader 2018 is now better able to deal with large PDF files and also with some improvement on some functions of the software. Adobe has not released a list of changes so far.

In addition to showing the documents generated in PDF, it is able to insert text markers as you would with a pen in a real book. To convey information with other readers of the document, you can insert comments appended to the user name in certain passages. Everything will be attached to the file when you save the document.

Adobe Reader logoRecently, Adobe Reader latest version has been much lighter than previous versions, with memory and processing consumption equivalent to Foxit PDF Reader , which has robbed most users in the past becuse of its lightness. Another interesting feature is the special reading mode, which automatically resizes the text size as the user changes the size of Adobe Reader 2018 window.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader XI is a new generation of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. For security reasons, the process of reading documents has been separated from the operating system.

The program is equipped with what's called "sandbox". Adobe Acrobat Reader continues to set standards in the viewing, printing and commenting of PDF documents. it allows you to work with files that contain unusual content such as video, spreadsheets, e-mails and other multimedia elements.

Adobe Reader 2018

In addition, next-generation Adobe Acrobat Reader 2018 provides access to the network service where the user can create and convert documents.The latest version of Adobe Reader streamlines the completion of forms, documents and signing files with a digital signature. The interface has been improved and additional tools have been added. Supports the latest Windows 10 system.

Unfortunately to install Adobe Reader 2018 you still need to download approximately 100 MB, while the Foxit Reader package only needs 11 MB. Another problem that draws attention is the fact that the tool can display features that it does not have, such as generating PDF files or converting them to editable Microsoft Word or Excel formats; by clicking one of these options, the user is directed to a paid solution from Adobe.

Adobe Reader 2018

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Skype 2018 Free Download - Free Calls and Chat

Skype 2018 free download is not only one of the best free video chat applications, but also a very cheap VoIP service provider. It offers you very competitive prices and accessible plans with both basic and advanced features for personal or business use.

The application offers several functions such as caller ID of voice mail, waiting and diverting calls, or transfer of calls. Although there are some features that are not present in Skype yet, it's a great sulution.

However, the latest version of Skype has all the extra features that other VoIP providers lack. Now with Skype 2018 you can keep your current phone number, or choose a new one with any area code that you like, regardless of the real place of your residence. The Skype VoIP service offers its users high quality international calls and no time limit, according to the chosen plan. One of the ways to change the parameters of your account is to use the Skype web interface, while for VoIP calls you can use the Skype app on your mobile device connected to the Internet.

Skype  logo To start using the application you do not need to install any additional software, as many other Skype 2018 competitors require. Simply install the program software or the mobile application and start calling your friends or family through VoIP at the same time. Keep in mind that Skype does not have any special adapter for your usual telephone device to convert your normal phone calls into VoIP calls.

Skype 2018

For Windows 8 and windos 10 users after installing the program on their computers, Skype will ask to create a new Skype account or login with the existing account if you have one. Another alternative for those who do not yet have a particular Skype account and do not have time or desire to do it, is to use your Microsoft account that used for other Windows 8 or Windows 10 services. Apart there is a possibility to join the two accounts later on.

Users who are going to install the Skype for Windows 8 or Windows 10 will be pleasantly surprised with its full-screen and touch-style interface. The cover of Skype is composed of three main areas: Recent, Favorites and People. The first two sections show your recent conversations and big icons of your favorite contacts. And when you open the People section, it will show you a small icon table for all the contacts you have on Skype 2018 full version.

Skype 2018

Note: if you need more information about the operation of the program, on the product website you will find a series of instructions and frequently asked questions about different functions of the application, the payment and billing process, technical problems, etc. The detailed tutorials and user forums will guide you in your experience with Skype and will help you with useful tips from more advanced users.


Skype 2018 free download runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC and Linux.

Skype 2018 for Windows (setup version) : DOWNLOAD

Download Skype Portable for Windows : DOWNLOAD

Skype for android (apk): Get Skype

Skype for Mac : Get Skype

Skype for Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS, Debian, ...) : Official Page
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GIMP 2018 Free Download - Best Free Photo Editor

GIMP 2018 free download is an excellent free graphic editor, compatible with must versions of Windows, MAC and Linux, and it is able to edit any photo and vector or bitmap images very easily. it content many capabilities. such is, layers transform, transparency changing, adjust boundary size, crop to selection, merge layers, delete, duplicate or create a new one...

For this, it has many interesting options for editing digital images in the form of bitmaps, drawings and photographs.

Gimp 2018 also allows you to create your own airbrush images by drawing in pencil, manipulating all kinds of images imported by the program itself, editing in the same window with a nice colorful interface.

In short, this program is considered an ideal computing tool for less advanced users who want to learn to edit any photograph in a very easy, comfortable and efficient way.

GIMP logoIt is highly recommended, therefore, for photo retouching and for the creation of any type of image. Its layer system, its alpha channels, its history of operations, its selection and transformation tools and its masks and gradients make it a powerful and very versatile software also to convert images in different formats, process batch files or edit animated graphic formats.

GIMP 2018

GIMP 2018 fee download run perfectly on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC and Linux. Information about its compatibility with previous versions of Windows is not offered.

Over 100 plug-ins already available, unlimited number of images can be opend at one time. it is also available in several languages 'English, Spanish, German,  French, Italian, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Russian, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian,  and other additional languages'.



GIMP Latest Version is, therefore, the ideal software to edit any photograph you want regardless of its original format and completely free of charge.


Excellent free graphic editor for any photo and vector or bitmap images.

It has a multitude of interesting options for editing digital images in the form of bitmaps, drawings and photography

It is capable of supporting very diverse formats.

It presents support for layers, channels, in addition to all the tools that are essential for any design.

It is capable of enhancing the work of several images at the same time.

It is perfectly compatible with some existing versions of Windows, MAC and Linux.

GIMP 2018

GIMP 2.8.22:

For Windows 32-bit and 64-bit: DOWNLOAD


For GNU/Linux: we recommend you to check the official download page

Mozilla Firefox 2018 Offline Installer
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Winamp 2018 Full Version - Free Download (Winamp Player)

Winamp 2018 free download, supports a wide range of audio and video formats and music and many other types of media such is : Internet radio , XM Radio , AOL video , and RSS.

Winamp is used to play all kinds of files regardless of the format of it. has a perfect integration with Windows  (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10. Information about its compatibility with MAC and Linux is not offered by the owner.

winamp logoIn constant evolution Winamp 2018 presents a very simple and user-friendly interface. and is perfectly compatible with any user. Conclusion Winamp is, in short, the most versatile multimedia player that we can currently find in the market.

Winamp 2018

Winamp 2018 full version gives you organize and easy access to your favorite media , you can access hundreds of  audio and video channels for free, the Winamp PC makes it easy to create and manage your favorite songs , drag and drop media directly in to playlists , organize and search for your favorite songs and videos in one place , more than 9,000 radio and TV stations to choose from , play the audio to the speakers on both the left or right side , follow your  favorite artist news by browsing fan sites and news sites and many more.


Winamp has the following requirements: it requires an internet connection for its installation and it is compatible with a variety of formats:






Winamp Logo

Winamp 2018

Version: 5.666 Latest Version:

Winamp Patched Installer (Recommended): DOWNLOAD 

(not the officially built installers but they contain the required update patches and removes a few things that no longer work post-sale) 

Winamp  2018 for Windows (Original): DOWNLOAD

Winamp 2018 for Mac: DOWNLOAD

Winamp 2018 for Android apk: DOWNLOAD


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Format Factory 2018 Free Download - Full Version

Format Factory 2018 free download, is an excellent format converter very useful when converting any audio, video or image file and fully compatible with any mobile device, PSP, PS3 and IPod, and Its use is very simple.

Format Factory software, fundamentally, to convert images, videos and audios to other formats, optimize videos for your mobile, PSP, PS3 and IPhone, extract content from any CD and DVD, join two or more videos in one, change the extension, Size and orientation of several images and insert text in images as a watermark, among other features.

In fact, in a few clicks we can achieve the result that we want. To do this, we must choose, in the column on the left of the interface, the type of content, add the original files that we want to convert, the format to be converted into and click on the Start button.

Format Factory 2018 free download is also able to modify the resolution of a video or change the extension, size and orientation of an image or several at the same time and join several videos or audio tracks into one without affecting the quality. its options can be customized very easy to.

Integrates perfectly with some versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10).

Format FactoryNo information is offered about its compatibility with MAC or Linux. in constant development Format Factory latest version presents a very nice and intuitive interface. in fact, it is designed to convert any type of file you need in just two clicks of the mouse.

Format Factory

It works with a very simple scheme of work: you select the file, the destination format and in a few seconds you have the converted file.

Conclusion Format Factory 2018 is, therefore, the ideal software to convert any type of file (audio, video and images) in a fast, convenient and easy way.

Format Factory supports the following formats:

Audio (MP3, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OGG,  and WAV).


Video (FLV, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MGP and MOV).

Format Factory 2018 has the following requirements:

700 MHz processor and 256 MB memory.

Format Factory 2018

Format Factory 2018

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Photoscape 2018 Free Download - Full Version

Photoscape 2018 free Download, free and easy to use photo editing software that can be used to fix and enhance photos / images. PhotoScape is a complete photo editing solution that includes image/photos browsing/ viewing, photo editing, picture printing, photo renaming and resizing, and RAW conversion.

This version (latest version), the most stable version so far, includes, for example, the following features: available in 34 languages , cloning tool and paint brush, color selector, improved mosaic filter, improvements in the interface and support for both Windows 8 and Windows 10.

It's also hase  a wide variety of image effect and filters and a collection of image frames and masks that can be applied to enhance the presentation of your photos. Photoscape full version also includes extensive printing options that allow you to create print layouts to combine multiple photos in a single page.

It works in two areas: one, presided over by a ring of common actions and another formed by tabs for a more general use.  both are very easy to access, in a clear and concise way, what each action is for. Photoscape is a good point in the section dedicated to speed, a characteristic that is clear when applying any effect to our photographs.

Photoscape 2018 also includes a photo viewer, an editor to improve and balance the color, size and add effects; an advanced processor that allows you to change the name of several photos at the same time, the possibility of creating mosaics, murals and animated gifs, make several animated images in GIF format, a color selector, print photographs for special occasions and events and convert almost any file format.

Photoscape logoPhotoscape 2018 free download Integrates perfectly with almost all versions of Windows (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ). Unfortunately it is not available on Linux or MAC.

Photoscape 2018


Adjust color resize photos and brightness.

Add text to Photos / Images.

Combining multiple images i a single page (Photos Collage 2018).

A large variety of filters and effects.

You can add comments to the images

Images can be printed after the amendment

crop, sharpen and decolor as well as settings for contrast, levels, vignetting and many other image parameters
text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye removal, blooming
Rename: Change photo file names in batch mode.

Photoscape 3.7 free download is, without a doubt, the most suitable app to improve your photos. It still has some limits, its results are not that professional, but it more than meets the abilities of any conventional user.


Photoscape 2018 free download

Size: 20MB

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Mozilla Firefox 2018 Final Free Download - Latest Version

Mozilla Firefox 2018 Free Download is a free brozser 100% owned subsidiary by parent company mozilla, and follows the same non-profit project rolle. Its program has surpassed Explorer and is considered one of the most important Internet browsers today. The browser was first created in 2004, with the latest version of this huge browser in english and many other languages, you can quickly and easily browse the internet.

Site identification with a click: Click on the favicon of the site, in the address bar to know who is the owner of the site and check if your connection is protected against eavesdropping. Identity verification is shown clearly and is easy to understand. When a site uses an SSL certificate with Extended Validation (EV), the site's favicon turns green and shows the name of the company to which you are connected.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 supports many languages around the world, including: Arabic, English, French, Korean, German, Turkish and many other languages. One of the wonderful features...

The user can customize the icons as they can be arranged as they want, they can also be dragged to any place they want. If the user does not like this feature, he can cancel them completely.

Firefox has won the admiration of millions of Internet users so you find it to be ranked second or first in the market, Firefox browser produced and developed by Mozilla, which has increased the performance of the program over time.

In addition to the expansion of the browser in more than 55 countries around the world in the United States of America, Canada, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, as well china, Southeast Asia and Iran in addition to the spread of Firefox  within Europe in France, Germany, England, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Italy and more..

Firefox 2018

The company is seeking to develop a high quality version for mobiles phone in addition to the issuance of another version more modern and competitive on Android devices and Windows devices, such as: HTC, Sony, Samsung, as well as Huawei and Nokia phones  (windows phones).

The Firefox browser 2018 setup file (.exe) makes you feel completely safe while installing it or while browsing, Firefox is one of the coolest web browsers that offer high security as you browse various web pages. It also has the ease of use and the excellent speed to download the web pages.

Download Firefox 2018 browser has many features that have increased the efficiency and speed of connection to the Internet, and also has the download feature where you can download programs and download songs...

The Firefox browser 2018 provides you with secure connection through automatic security updates. Downloading Firefox gives you templates and themes to control your browser interface. Firefox provides you with a great, integrated and customizable search engine, shortcut menu and download menu.

Mozilla Firefox 2018

In addition, the Firefox Quantum 2018 contains the two function web addresses bar (accessing site and can also be used to search). It also contains the additions store, synchronization, settings, PDF reader you can open more than one site by opening more than many tabs in the same browser window. Also, the modern version of FireFox browser contains a lot of many changes and improvements and it's considered an alternative to the Internet Explorer browser or Google Chrome.

The Firefox browser allows you to use the add-ons that you select very well and do not affect the browser when you run it. The Firefox browser is open source and you can download Firefox Quantum for free on the official website for computers and mobile devices.

The Mozilla Firefox 2018 offline installer offers excellent speed while opening websites, watching videos and listening to audio files on websites. The Firefox browser provides high speed and great performance while switching between tabs and opening a new tab.

firefox quantum

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Windows has the ability to control settings that allow you to customize your browser in terms of selecting your own backgrounds and colors, as well as adjusting the buttons, menus, and extensions, as well as syncing the apps you download.

You can control the lighting as it helps you to hear movies, serials and short video clips, the browser also allows you to zoom in on the icons on the site that makes for the destinations and small images that the browser makes improvements without the user intervention.

The Firefox browser has a high level of security, as it preserves user privacy and keeps it secure.

The Firefox browser download contains many unique features that make your browser work better and faster.

The program makes you feel safe while browsing Firefox 2018 Latest Version is one of the coolest web browsers that enjoy high security as you browse various web pages and web pages.

The Firefox browser features high privacy and security for data that makes browsing the Internet safe and reliable.

Firefox full version download allows the user to open an infinite number of pages at a time without affecting its speed.

You can use hidden browsing that gives you complete user protection during browsing that allow you to not save cookies and passwords that you use during browsing.

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Dropbox 2018 Free Download - Latest version

Dropbox 2018 Free Download, Dropbox is a ideal tool to share any kind of files or that enable you to instantly store your files online and share them. It can be also used to synchronize the files from your devices to online storage.

Dropbox 2018 is, therefore, the ideal software to work online and with several computers at the same time. It is compatible with different versions of Windows, MAC and Linux and is accessible both from the File Explorer and from the web browser itself.
dropbox logo

dropbox 2018

Dropbox 2018 offline download includes lots of improvements sush is: Dropbox 2018 Shell Tools, Dropbox Folder Sync to synchronize any folder or folders, Dropbox Screen Grabber take screenshots and share it.

Modern technology enables a team to operate in different locations across your company and the world.

dropbox 2018

Dropbox download is, therefore, the ideal tool to share, easily, free and conveniently, any content hosted in the public folder of the program with friends and family. In addition, you can select which files, folders or sub folders you want to be synchronized.


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