Mozilla Firefox 2018 Final Free Download - Latest Version

Mozilla Firefox 2018 Free Download is a free brozser 100% owned subsidiary by parent company mozilla, and follows the same non-profit project rolle. Its program has surpassed Explorer and is considered one of the most important Internet browsers today. The browser was first created in 2004, with the latest version of this huge browser in english and many other languages, you can quickly and easily browse the internet.

Site identification with a click: Click on the favicon of the site, in the address bar to know who is the owner of the site and check if your connection is protected against eavesdropping. Identity verification is shown clearly and is easy to understand. When a site uses an SSL certificate with Extended Validation (EV), the site's favicon turns green and shows the name of the company to which you are connected.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 supports many languages around the world, including: Arabic, English, French, Korean, German, Turkish and many other languages. One of the wonderful features...

The user can customize the icons as they can be arranged as they want, they can also be dragged to any place they want. If the user does not like this feature, he can cancel them completely.

Firefox has won the admiration of millions of Internet users so you find it to be ranked second or first in the market, Firefox browser produced and developed by Mozilla, which has increased the performance of the program over time.

In addition to the expansion of the browser in more than 55 countries around the world in the United States of America, Canada, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, as well china, Southeast Asia and Iran in addition to the spread of Firefox  within Europe in France, Germany, England, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Italy and more..

Firefox 2018

The company is seeking to develop a high quality version for mobiles phone in addition to the issuance of another version more modern and competitive on Android devices and Windows devices, such as: HTC, Sony, Samsung, as well as Huawei and Nokia phones  (windows phones).

The Firefox browser 2018 setup file (.exe) makes you feel completely safe while installing it or while browsing, Firefox is one of the coolest web browsers that offer high security as you browse various web pages. It also has the ease of use and the excellent speed to download the web pages.

Download Firefox 2018 browser has many features that have increased the efficiency and speed of connection to the Internet, and also has the download feature where you can download programs and download songs...

The Firefox browser 2018 provides you with secure connection through automatic security updates. Downloading Firefox gives you templates and themes to control your browser interface. Firefox provides you with a great, integrated and customizable search engine, shortcut menu and download menu.

Mozilla Firefox 2018

In addition, the Firefox Quantum 2018 contains the two function web addresses bar (accessing site and can also be used to search). It also contains the additions store, synchronization, settings, PDF reader you can open more than one site by opening more than many tabs in the same browser window. Also, the modern version of FireFox browser contains a lot of many changes and improvements and it's considered an alternative to the Internet Explorer browser or Google Chrome.

The Firefox browser allows you to use the add-ons that you select very well and do not affect the browser when you run it. The Firefox browser is open source and you can download Firefox Quantum for free on the official website for computers and mobile devices.

The Mozilla Firefox 2018 offline installer offers excellent speed while opening websites, watching videos and listening to audio files on websites. The Firefox browser provides high speed and great performance while switching between tabs and opening a new tab.

firefox quantum

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Windows has the ability to control settings that allow you to customize your browser in terms of selecting your own backgrounds and colors, as well as adjusting the buttons, menus, and extensions, as well as syncing the apps you download.

You can control the lighting as it helps you to hear movies, serials and short video clips, the browser also allows you to zoom in on the icons on the site that makes for the destinations and small images that the browser makes improvements without the user intervention.

The Firefox browser has a high level of security, as it preserves user privacy and keeps it secure.

The Firefox browser download contains many unique features that make your browser work better and faster.

The program makes you feel safe while browsing Firefox 2018 Latest Version is one of the coolest web browsers that enjoy high security as you browse various web pages and web pages.

The Firefox browser features high privacy and security for data that makes browsing the Internet safe and reliable.

Firefox full version download allows the user to open an infinite number of pages at a time without affecting its speed.

You can use hidden browsing that gives you complete user protection during browsing that allow you to not save cookies and passwords that you use during browsing.

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